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There’s no party like a Palace party!



Banquet Halls

There is a wide array of choices of where to organize your reception in Mała Wieś Palace. There are the two spacious ballrooms of the New Orangery, as well as the Teahouse with its four more intimate chambers. And let’s not forget the 30 hectares of green area, ideal for an outdoor reception. The Palace has something for everyone!



Tailor-made menu

Each party requires a menu best suited for the occasion. That’s why we propose made-to-measure menus for first communion, final goodbye, unofficial reunions or official occasion; each proposition being just a starting point for discussion and for reaching the perfect menu together. We ensure the highest quality of our products, matched together by the most renowned culinary experts in the country.



Additional attractions

Mała Wieś Palace offers a wide range of possibilities to make each party unforgettable. You can visit our Palace’s museum, walk through the alleys of our garden and use the boat to sail through our Great Pond. Don’t miss our additional culinary attractions, such as Live Cooking/Carving and bartender or sommelier’s assistance. We’ll take care of every small detail of your party!


Here’s where you can read about everything we provide for each party.



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