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Mała Wieś – the motherland of remarkable people.

Where Poland’s history was made.



Times of the Kings

Bazyli Walicki, a friend and councilor to king Stanisław August Poniatowski, has built Mała Wieś Palace in 1786. It was intended as a family manor appropriate for the voivode of Rawa Voivodeship; the construction of the Palace was also enabled by a considerable dowry of voivode Walicki’s wife, Rosa Nieborska. And this is how the story of our Palace starts.



Where famous people came

Bazyli, a participant of the Four-Year Sejm, begun a tradition of hosting distinguished and famous individuals in the palace. The king himself have visited Bazyli! Centuries might have passed; but the Palace remembers.



Great names

The palace has been owned by the same family for 159 years; a family distinguished by their great patriotism, determination and engagement. Later on it was owned by such known aristocratic families as Rzewuscy or Zamoyscy, which were the continuation of Walicki family. The last owners, grandchildren of prince Lubomirski, have been expelled from the Palace because of nationalization.



A safe haven 

Even though in the beginnings of the II World War German Army stationed in the Palace, their presence did not prevent the owners – Morawscy family – from secretly hosting homeless or persecuted people, often on the run from the very same soldiers with whom they shared Palace’s roof. After the Warsaw Uprising and Warsaw’s mass exodus and evacuation it became a safe haven from many Jews. Can you still feel the good vibes?



The tumultuous post-war times

The land reform meant eviction for the last owners. After many, many year – only in 2008 – Morawscy family managed to get it back. In the meantime, the Palace served first as a school and then as a summer residence of the members of the Polish Council of Ministers. This is where Gomułka, Rokossowski, Urban, Buzek and other prominent figures went to rest from the fast-paced life of the capital. It was also Nina Andrycz’s favorite holiday spot.



mapa historyczna - Pałac Mała Wieś



Times of the Kings

Bazyli Walicki – founder of Mała Wieś Palace.

Maria Zamoyska with her grandson Jerzy Lubomirski

Zdzisław Lubomirski – a member of Regency Council

Resting on Palace’s terrace, 1908.

Zdzisław Lubomirski before a hunt

After a hunt in Modrzewina

Horses from Małowiejska’s stalls

Nina Andrycz, polish theatres queen, a big fan of

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