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The trees remember Mała Wieś’ glorious history.

Walk around and enjoy the amazing atmosphere!



The French Garden

Under the watchful eye of Klementina Walicka Kozietuska, the French Garden of Mała Wieś Palace used to be considered as one of the most beautiful gardens of Central Europe. Now, after a long tumultuous history, the Garden had its original aspect restored and is waiting to amaze you with its Rose Garden (consisting of 3000 rose bushes), its fountain, gloriette and New Orangery.



The Romantic Park

If you enjoy long romantic walks our Romantic Park is something just for you. Come and take a walk among tens of nature monuments, rocks and boulders of the strangest shapes and old mausoleum.



Prince’s Orchard

Did you know that this is where Polish horticulture history started? Tadeusz Morawski was the one to plant the first modern apple orchard here – and he made a small fortune on it. Come and enjoy the nature!

Mała Wieś Plan


mapa obiektu Pałac Mała Wieś


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