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Mała Wieś Palace is perfect for organizing all sorts of company parties, fulfilling with easy every requirement such an event could have. A big choice of rooms and chambers guarantees that there is something suitable for every possible occasion. The interiors of the Palace and the New Orangery are great for theme parties, while 30 hectares of Palace’s green area allow for organizing both small and big outdoor events.





Conferences, trainings and workshops fit perfectly in Mała Wieś. The event can be held in one of the two rooms of New Orangery. For special occasions, in which showing the highest respect for your guests and highlighting the high importance of the event is crucial, conferences or training can be organized in Premium rooms and chambers located on the first floor of the Palace – Wiseman Room, Pompeian Room, Warsaw Room, Golden Room and Grey Room.




Photo shoots

Mała Wieś Palace and its palace complex is often used as a beautiful background for various photo- and film shoots.




Outdoor events

English Park has, together with the Great Pond, a total area of 30 hectares. Such a vast area available enables the organization of all kinds of outdoor activities on the Palace’s ground. Why not organize and elegant banquet in the French Garden, in close proximity of the New Orangery? Whichever your idea – we’ll make it a success.





Our team of highly qualified managers and specialists dedicated exclusively to the organization of business events of the highest importance will make every event a success. Discretion, speed and complex organization are priorities in organizing meetings for VIP guests. Remember - Mała Wieś Palace is a place a king visited, where a prince lived and where the most important functionaries of Poland took their rest.

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