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Numerous nature monuments, family mausoleum and king Poniatowski’s favorite boulder (on which he used to rest and who knows – maybe ponder what’s next for Poland?) are just few of the wonders you’ll find while walking the alleys of the Palace’s park and it’s remarkable French-style garden. And while you’re there – don’t miss the renowned Rose Garden!




Be active!

Mała Wieś is a perfect spot for those who wish to spend their free time in an active way. You won’t get bored here!




For children

There is also something for our younger guests. Soon there will be playgrounds and various outdoor games ready – something that will satisfy even the pickiest of our young explorers. Boredom is not an option!



SPA & Wellness center

Mała Wieś Palace is an ideal place for a very deep rest; and Palace’s SPA will help you to have just that. Our complex SPA offer will satisfy every guest’s needs.



Winter time attractions

Mała Wieś not only attracts when it’s warm outside – also in winter we can provide you fantastic time. Put on the skis and run through our park or take part in warming, old-time sleigh ride!


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